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salami & handcrafted cutting boardONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. This artisan salami from award-winning Cristiano Creminelli is flavored with rich and robust Barolo wine, Italy's most respected vintage from the Piedmont region. Believing that it deserves a presentation that is equally special, we've packaged it with this beautiful walnut cutting board, completely handcrafted in America. 7-oz salami with cutting board#701381 | $85vdoolin fisherman platterA fabulous hostess gift or party crowd pleaser, our Doolin Fisherman Platter contains traditional Burren Hot- and Cold-oak-smoked Salmon, fished in the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and Burren Oak-smoked Rainbow Trout and Mackerel from the famed lakes of Tipperary and Kilkenny. Shipped frozen. IRELAND1.87 lbs | #751255 | $95*"Try the Picandine alongside baby greens and fresh berries with a splash of buttery olive oil and cider vinegar for a light, refreshing lunch!"-Josh Hodapp, Director of Food & Beverage, DEAN & DELUCAfrench cheese plateWe scoured France looking for a discerning gift with a certain je ne sais quoi, and we were thrilled with what we unearthed. About 40 miles east of Paris, we discovered a Coulommiers-a brie-type cheese that has the color of freshly churned butter and a soft mushroom-y flavor with hints of sweet almond in the winter and chives in the spring. In the Basque region, we found a semi-dry Petit Ardi Gasna Lait Cru-a sheep's-milk cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, somewhat like Manchego. And in Aquitane, we came across a Picandine Pico Affine-a camembert-style goats'-milk cheese that is insanely creamy and perfectly aged. We recommend pairing with our Cracker Connoisseur's Collection-our DEAN & DELUCA Onion Mini Flatbread, Fig & Olive Raincoast Crisps and Antonio Mattei Sweet Toast-to make a cheese plate that's sure to impress.Cheese only, set of three, 1.89 lbs | #601490 | $55vCracker Connoisseur's Collection Set of three | #402381 | $ | 800.221.7714 9

barista giftFor those who love all things coffee, this is the ideal gift. Our signature gift box comes filled with three of our 4 oz sampler bags of Espresso, Breakfast Blend and French Roast, a Chemex Coffee Maker and Coffee Filters, two DEAN & DELUCA Diner Mugs and a bag of DEAN & DELUCA New York Chocolate Espresso Beans.Set of eight | #402417 | $ connoisseurCoffee lovers will delight in this trio of certified organic coffees crafted especially for us. Our French Roast is dark roasted until the beans have cracked twice resulting in notes of dark chocolate, nutmeg and caramel. Our Manhattan Blend is invigorating, earthy and full-bodied. And our Sumatra is deep, resonant, spicy and heavy bodied with no acidity. All three 12-oz bags are packed in our signature gift box along with a two-tablespoon stainless steel coffee scoop.Set of four | #402164 | $55decadent fudgy browniesEight wickedly dark, fudgy and rich brownies from the Teacake Bake Shop make this one of the most luscious gifts we can think to give. Each individually wrapped brownie is made with a triple threat of the finest Dutch Cocoa, unsweetened chocolate and semisweet chocolate enlivened with a splash of bourbon vanilla. There is no better gift box for a chocolate lover.Eight brownies, 1.6 lbs total | #402428 | $45* 10 don't forget dean & deluca gift cards