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page 16 | 2011 gifting Guide

some gifts say "thank you." some gifts say "congratulations." and some gifts say "celebrate." but it's the gifts that also say "wow!" that everyone remembers. at dean & deluca, we pride ourselves on creating gifts that not only wish the recipients a happy birthday, applaud them for a job well done, or thank them for doing something nice, but make them feel like a million dollars to boot. as far as we're concerned, a gift should be something that's never forgotten-even when the goodies are long gone.panettone by sorelle nurzia This moist, fragrant and very soft, all-butter cake studded with the finest candied fruit and raisins is as traditional as the holidays themselves. Made with all natural ingredients from an Old World recipe by Sorelle Nurzia-one of the oldest businesses in Abruzzo. ITALY2.2 lbs | #381058 | $30good taste"Panettone is a sweet enriched bread that can be enjoyed anytime of day. It is equally good in the morning with coffee or for dessert with ice cream."- Louis Volle, Executive Bread ChefDEAN & DELUCA, New York, NYvRequires Second Day Delivery .Requires Express Deliverygifts oforchard chocolate collection ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. This celebration of the autumn harvest is the delicious brainchild of Chocolat Moderne's Joan Coukos. Twelve heart-shaped chocolates are delicately hand-painted and filled with the flavors of orchard fruits, including red apple-almond marzipan, green apple caramel and Poire William pear caramel. Twelve pcs., 6 oz total | #371779 | $38v2 don't forget dean & deluca gift cards