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14 877.332.4944 CorpOrders@DancingDeer.comHoliday Gift TinsA. Assorted Brownie TinA festive gourmet sampler that's sure to please. 8 assorted brownies and squares come hand-packed in a whimsical keepsake Dancing Deer tin. Includes 2 decadent Chocolate Chunk and 2 rich Peanut Butter brownies along with 4 Sweet Lemon Squares. (1 lb.) #50-269-91 $24.99 B. Chocolate Chunk Brownie TinWho can resist rich chocolatey brownies awarded 4 stars and called a "Connoisseur's Nirvana" by USA Today? This delicious gift includes 8 individu-ally- wrapped Chocolate Chunk brownies hand-packed in a whimsical red and white keepsake tin. (1 lb.) #50-275-91 $24.99 C. Sweet Lemon Square TinThere's lots of real lemon juice infused into this uncommon square drizzled with white icing. Not too tangy with just the right amount of sweetness. Includes 8 Sweet Lemon Squares in a whimsical keepsake tin. (1 lb.) #50-306-91 $24.99 D. Holiday Chewy Cookie Tins We're baking a smaller version of our signature Molasses Clove and seasonal favorite Snickerdoodle cookies. 30 cookies in a keepsake gift tin. (1.3 lbs) The Holiday Chewy Cookie Tin is available in: Mini-Snickerdoodle: #50-130-118-25 $22.99 Mini-Molasses Clove: #50-130-100-25 $22.99 E. Holiday Decorated Cookie TinSpread holiday cheer with these crisp buttery hand-decorated cookies. This truly unique gift includes 3 festive red Mittens, 3 winter Stockings and 3 chocolate Trees packaged in a whimsical keepsake red and white tin. (6.2 oz) #50-576-05-91 $24.99F. Holiday Shortbread Cookie TinCalled "The Cornucopia" by House & Garden Magazine, this delightful tin is filled with an assortment of winter cookies - Gingerbread Folks, Mocha Marble Rounds and Snickerdoodle Stars. Each keepsake red tin contains 40 cookies. (14 oz) #50-408-05 $22.99 G. Gingerbread Folk Cookie TinThe perfect treat for your favorite elves. 50 Gingerbread folk in a festive green tin. The Chinese 5-Spice flavor in this cookie gives it a wonderful twist. Enjoy them as is or decorate with icing. (12.5 oz) #50-507 $24.99 ANEWBNEWCNEW

comSave 15% on all orders placed by Dec. 1st. See back cover. 15ENEWDNEWFNEWG