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Send a complete four course meal! Send friends, co- workers and clients our Create- A- Gram Gift Certificate and they'll have fun playing chef and creating their very own four course gourmet meal. One price covers the entire meal menu and includes shipping. Prices are not shown to recipients on their certificate or catalog. Sorry, no substitutions allowed. Let recipients create their own Gourmet Dinner Masterpieces Step 1: Select one main course It's Your Choice! Step 2: Select one soup Step 4: Select one dessertStep 5: ENJOY!!! Step 3: Select type of seafood cake create- a- gram dinner for two GIFT CERTIFICATE CAG210GC ( price includes shipping) $ 149.95 create- a- gram dinner for four GIFT CERTIFICATE CAG410GC ( price includes shipping) $ 249.95 Dinner for Four doubles the amount of food in the Dinner for Two, except for the dessert, which already serves 4- 6 people. Lobster Shears also not doubled. . 20 oz. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake CGRASP . 20 oz. Key Lime Pie CGKEYPIE . 20 oz. Chocolate Heart Cake CGHEART . 20 oz. New York Cheesecake CGPLAIN . 20 oz. New England Clam Chowder CGCC . 20 oz. Lobster Bisque CGLOBBISQ . 20 oz. Shrimp & Roasted Corn Chowder CGSCCHOW . 20 oz. Manhattan Clam Chowder CGMHCHOW Oyster crackers included with all chowders and bisque. . Premium Crab Cakes ( Two 4 oz. cakes) CGCBCKP2 . Lobster Cakes ( Two 4 oz. cakes) CGLOBCK2 . Crab & Shrimp Cakes ( Two 3 oz. cakes ) CGCBSHCK2 . King Crab Cakes ( Two 4 oz. cakes) CGKINGCK2 . Four 4- 5 oz. frozen Maine Lobster Tails ( two tails per person!), with heavy- duty Lobster Shears and clarified butter. CGM4T4 . Two live 1 ¼ lb. Maine Lobsters with two shell crackers, fresh lemon and clarified butter, seafood forks, bibs and moist towelettes. CGLG2Q . Two 4- 5 oz. sweet Maine Lobster tails and two 6 oz. tenderly aged Filet Mignon steaks with clarified butter. CGM4FM2 47 create- a-grampackage SHIPPING included create- a- gram T gift certificates ww. livelob. com 1.800.548.3562

premium crab cakes a. These are the best crab cakes you'll ever have. Made from an exclusive recipe you can only get from Lobster Gram, ours are handmade with huge chunks of premium 100% lump crab meat and seasoned to perfection. CBCKP2 Two 4 oz. Crab Cakes $ 18.95 new england clam chowder B. Faithful to the New England tradition, our signature soup is loaded with clams, potato chunks, celery, onion with real cream and butter. It's our most popular soup! CC 20 oz. ( serves 2) $ 12.95 a 1. D ollar Amount Let them make their own selection from our catalog or website! Send a dollar amount certificate from Lobster Gram in three different forms - paper Gift Certificate, plastic Gift Card or E- Certificate. 2. " your choice" Give the gift of choice for one price that includes shipping! Shown on pages 44- 45, there really is something for every taste and budget. 3. C reate- A- Gram T Let them create their own gourmet masterpiece, exactly the way they want it. See page 47 for details. our convenient Gift Certificates never expire and can be Personalized Lobster Gram gift certificates can be used right away or saved for a birthday, special occasion, or even vacation ( imagine lobster by the pool or a fun clambake on the beach)! we have 3 types: 4 oz. each! Lobster Gram 4664 N. Lowell Ave. Chicago, IL 60630 Live Lobster Shipping Headquarters is in Biddeford, Maine. lobster, steak & More since 1987 Lobster Gram ® PRsrt STD U. S. Postage PAID Lobster Gram Int'l Inc. Please Recycle or Share with a Friend the tastiest Gift Certificate around b Customer # Key Code