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39 desserts " sweet!" decadent desserts chocolate lava cakes D. Chocolate overload. Warm these rich, dense, individually- sized devil's food cakes and let the river of thick chocolate fudge lava flow forth when you slice into one. Taste why it's our most popular dessert. All natural and trans- fat free! LAVA2 Two 3 ½ " Cakes ( 5 oz. each) $ 13.95 chocolate heart cake E. Our most romantic dessert. Rich, moist double devil's food cake is layered with chocolate mousse and covered with a dark chocolate ganache edged with shortbread crumbs. All natural and trans- fat free! HEART One 6" Cake ( 20 oz.) $ 18.95 cheesecakes in 3 flavors All of our cheesecakes are trans- fat free! F. al natural, New York Style Chesecake Lusciously rich New York style cheesecake with a shortbread crust and cream cheese frosting. PLAIN One 6" Cake ( 20 oz.) $ 17.95 new - sugar- fre new york Chesecake All the delicious taste of creamy New York style cheesecake, only without the sugar. A delicious diet- friendly dessert. SFPLAIN One 6" Cake ( 24 oz.) $ 19.95 g. al natural key Lime Chesecake Light and tangy, made with real Key Lime juice. KEY One 6" Cake ( 20 oz.) $ 17.95 H. White Chocolate Raspbery Chesecake Red raspberry purée layered on white chocolate cheesecake and an Oreo ® cookie crust. RASP One 6" Cake ( 20 oz.) $ 17.95 d e h f g Our most popular dessert! www. livelob. com 1.800.548.3562 Now in Sugar- Free! sugar Free!

40 cheesecake sampler C. One cake, four different varieties to share and savor. Perfect for a dinner party dessert, this big 10" cake is pre- cut into 16 slices, four slices of each flavor. Enjoy smooth New York style Cheesecake with a vanilla shortbread crust, rich Chocolate Cheesecake with ganache icing, Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, and refreshingly tart Key Lime Cheesecake bursting with citrus flavor. All natural and trans- fat free! CHCKSP 10" Cheesecake Sampler, 74 oz. $ 49.95 cakes delicious and all natural mini cheesecake dessert samplers B. These petite 5" cheesecakes make a decadent indulgence for one, but we give you two cakes in case you have to share. With so many delicious flavors, it's going to be hard to choose a favorite. Thank goodness for the gift assortment of all four flavors! All natural and trans- fat free! MTURT2 Mini Turtle Cheesecakes ( two 5 oz. cakes) $ 12.95 MCCHIP2 Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes ( two 5 oz. cakes) $ 12.95 MNYCK2 Mini New York Cheesecakes ( two 5 oz. cakes) $ 12.95 MCHOC2 Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes ( two 5 oz. cakes) $ 12.95 MINICKSP8 Mini Cheesecakes Assortment ( two of each flavor, 8 cakes total) $ 44.95 new - creme brûlée cheesecake with raspberries A. A most elegant grand finale. Made with all natural ingredients, our creamy New York style cheesecake is topped with a layer of carmelized creme brûlée and sweet raspberry jam tucked inside. Presented on a buttery shortbread crust. Serves 6- 8. All natural and trans- fat free! CBRASP One 6" Cake, 24 oz. $ 17.95 Four luscious cheesecakes in one! C Decadent gift assortment lobstercommunity. com to follow our blogs, twitter & facebook new a b join our community