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Lobster Gram is proud and excited to offer all natural Niman Ranch meats. We support Niman Ranch's commitment to raising livestock humanely and sustainably on U. S. family farms and ranches according to the strictest animal handling protocols in the industry. Niman Ranch never uses added hormones or antibiotics and their animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Born, raised and processed in the United States, Niman Ranch beef, pork and poultry are sought after by our country's most notable chefs, and now we can provide it to you to share with your own family, right at home. 29 premium meats niman ranch sirloin strip steaks One of America's most popular cuts, this steak is distinguished by its rich flavor and hefty size. Niman Ranch's 100% Angus cattle are raised on pastures on an all- vegetarian feed, setting this premium beef apart from the rest. Just one tender bite of this mouthwatering steak leaves a favorable and lasting impression. NYSIRSTK2 Two 12 oz. NY Strips $ 82.95 NYSIRSTK4 Four 12 oz. NY Strips $ 132.95 niman ranch " poulet rouge" fermier ( whole chicken) Niman Ranch Epicure Reserve T poultry are grown on small U. S. family farms by growers committed to humane and traditional farming methods. The Poulet Rouge Fermier is a heritage breed that originated in France. It has a distinctive flavor, thin translucent skin and an elegant shape. NRPRCHKN One 3- 31/ 2 lb. Whole Chicken $ 59.95 niman ranch bone- in pork chops Niman Ranch pork chops are tender and juicy. Perfect grilled, baked or simply pan fried, these large and succulent chops make for an unmistakably moist and flavorful meal. Experience the delicious taste that can only be Niman Ranch pork. NRPKCHP2 Two 10 oz. Bone- In Pork Chops $ 59.95 NRPKCHP4 Four 10 oz. Bone- In Pork Chops $ 89.95 niman ranch spiral sliced, bone- in smoked ham Slow cooked over applewood, Niman Ranch hams are juicy and full of flavor. The subtle smoky flavor is enhanced by a hint of sweetness from Turbinado sugar. The ham arrives pre- sliced and ready to serve for a beautiful presentation. Includes glaze packet. NRBIHAM One 8- 10 lb. Whole Ham $ 129.95 newnew newnew new - niman ranch all natural meats are the best tasting and best for you www. livelob. com 1.800.548.3562 All Natural, Hormone & Antibiotic- Free Meats

30 " dry" sea scallops A. All scallops are not created equal. Those who appreciate fine quality seafood know " dry" scallops are far superior to ones injected with artificial liquids to plump them up. Extra large and super sweet, our meaty scallops are packed dry without any chemicals or preservatives and are ideal for searing or grilling. All are individually quick frozen to lock in that fresh- from- the- sea taste. SCAL2 2 lbs. Sea Scallops $ 59.95 SCAL3 3 lbs. Sea Scallops $ 79.95 SCAL4 4 lbs. Sea Scallops $ 99.95 SCAL5 5 lbs. Sea Scallops $ 119.95 maine lobster meat B. Make lobster a healthy part of your family's low- fat meal plan. Delve into our fresh, firm Maine lobster meat for salads, dips and soups without having to deal with the shell, the pots or the preparation. Sweet, protein- rich meat from the claw, arm and knuckle is cooked and flash frozen, ready as an elegant and healthy ingredient for all your favorite recipes. We include a cooking manual with lots of ideas to inspire your culinary creativity. LBMT2 2 lbs. Maine Lobster Meat $ 89.95 LBMT4 4 lbs. Maine Lobster Meat $ 154.95 LBMT6 6 lbs. Maine Lobster Meat $ 219.95 snow crab claws C. Forget the high- fat chips and dip. Our healthy and succulent snow crab claws are nature's perfect finger food with a shell that doubles as a " handle". They're fully cooked and cracked, just thaw and serve. Each pound serves two to three people. FREE Clarified Butter is included. SNOCL2 2 lbs. Snow Crab Claws $ 74.95 SNOCL3 3 lbs. Snow Crab Claws $ 99.95 SNOCL4 4 lbs. Snow Crab Claws $ 124.95 SNOCL5 5 lbs. Snow Crab Claws $ 149.95 add 1 lb. alaskan King Crab legs XKING1* 1 lb. Alaskan King Crab Legs $ 27.95 add 1 lb. Maine lobster claws XLOBCL1* 1 lb. Maine Lobster Claws $ 21.95 add 1 lb. maine lobster meat XLBMT1* 1 lb. Maine Lobster Meat $ 33.95 add 1 lb. sea scalops XSCAL1* 1 lb. Sea Scallops $ 21.95 add 1 lb. shrimp XCSH1* 1 lb. Colossal Shrimp with Sauce $ 35.95 XJSH1* 1 lb. Jumbo Shrimp with Sauce $ 24.95 XLSH1* 1 lb. Large Shrimp with Sauce $ 19.95 add 1 lb. snow crab claws XSNOCL1* 1 lb. Snow Crab Claws $ 28.95 Add the seafood items on this page to any gift package and save! * These item prices only available when adding to an existing gift package. a b c succulent selections lobstercommunity. com to follow our blogs, twitter & facebook add on & save join our community